Sunday, August 21: Arrival

16:00-18:00 registration, uploading e-presentations, posters display (IPPT entrance hall)

18:00-19:00 welcome reception (MED)

20:00 symphonic concert (Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall, Jasna Street 5)


Monday, August 22: A variety of particles

8:00-8:30 registration (IPPT entrance hall)

8:30-8:45 opening (IPPT auditorium)

8:45-10:00 Sedimentation at non-Brownian time scale - chair: F. Feuillebois

                8:45-9:15 J. Hinch, Fluctuations in the velocities of sedimenting particles

                9:15-9:30 G. Abade, Stationary sedimentation of non-Brownian suspensions: Stokesian dynamics simulations using Fast Hydro-Multipole Method

                9:30-10:00 discussion

10:00-10:30 coffee

10:30-12:10 Brownian and hydrodynamic interactions of non-spherical particles - chair: J. Blawzdziewicz

                10:30-11:00 R. G. Winkler, Non-equilibrium dynamics of semiflexible polymers in solution

                11:00-11:15 P. Szymczak, Hydrodynamic effects in proteins

                11:15-11:30 B. Cichocki, Suspensions of arbitrary-shaped particles - Brownian contribution to intrinsic viscosity

                11:30-12:10 discussion

12:10-13:30 lunch (MED)

13:30-14:45 Active particles - chair: B. U. Felderhof

                13:30-14:00 H. Stark, Active particle systems under gravity and in Poiseuille flow

                14:00-14:15 M. Popescu, Catalytically Active Colloids as Particle Carriers

                14:15-14:45 discussion

14:45-14:55 break

14:55-15:45 Permeable particles - chair: H. Diamant

                14:55-15:10 D. van den Ende, Aging of soft colloidal suspensions studied by macro and micro rheology

                15:10-15:25 M. L. Ekiel-Jezewska, Hydrodynamics of permeable particles suspensions

                15:25-15:45 discussion

15:45-16:15 coffee

16:15-17:15 Poster session (IPPT entrance hall)

17:15-18:25 Deformable particles and biosystems - chair: R. G. Winkler

                17:15-17:30 C. Misbah, Vesicles and red blood cells under flow in the Stokes regime

                17:30-17:40 H. Selmi, Fast Multipole Method for complex flows

                17:40-17:55 O. Sano, Motion of Droplets under Shear Flow with Suction

                17:55-18:25 discussion

18:30-19:30 dinner (MED)

19:30-20:30 Methods of solving the Stokes equations - which when? General discussion - chair: B. Cichocki, C. Misbah, R. G. Winkler (IPPT auditorium)


Tuesday, August 23: Particles and interfaces

8:20-10:00 Confined multiparticle systems - chair: H. Stark (IPPT auditorium)

                8:20-8:50 B. U. Felderhof, Pumping a ferrofluid

                8:50-9:05 H. Diamant, Hydrodynamic interactions between confined particles

                9:05-9:20 E. Climent, Plugging by spherical microparticles

                9:20-10:00 discussion

10:00-10:30 coffee

10:30-11:20 Hydrodynamic interactions in confined systems - chair: B. Cichocki

                10:30-10:45 J. Blawzdziewicz, Buckling transition in wall-bounded hydrodynamic crystals

                10:45-11:00 E. Wajnryb, Many-body hydrodynamic interactions in a microchannel

                11:00-11:20 discussion

11:20-12:35 A particle under confinement - chair: O. Sano

                11:20-11:35 M. Duits, Anisotropic and hindered diffusion of colloidal particles in a closed cylinder

                11:35-11:50 N. Lecoq, Creeping motion of a particle along the axis of axisymmetric containers

                11:50-12:05 V. Lobaskin, Microparticle motion past a structured surface 12:05-12:35 discussion

12:35-13:55 lunch (MED)

13:55-15:10 Particle-interface interactions - chair: D. van den Ende

                13:55-14:10 F. Pigeonneau, Low-Reynolds-number gravity-driven migration and deformation of bubbles near a free surface

                14:10-14:25 M. Krasowska, Thin film drainage and surface forces between rigid and soft surfaces studied with (interferometry) AFM

                14:25-14:40 S. Khabthani, Motion of an ellipsoidal particle in a shear flow along a porous slab

                14:40-15:10 discussion

15:10-15:20 break

15:20-16:10 Slip at interfaces - chair: O. Vinogradova

                15:20-15:35 A. Sellier, Migration of a solid and arbitrarily-shaped particle near a plane slipping wall

                15:35-15:50 E. Yariv, Streaming-potential revisited

                15:50-16:10 discussion

16:10-17:00 coffee

17:00-18:10 Slip in suspensions - chair: J. Hinch

                17:00-17:40 F. Feuillebois, Influence of wall slip in dilute suspensions

                17:40-18:10 discussion

                19:00 Birthday Dinner ("U Aktorow", Al. Ujazdowskie Street 45)


Wednesday, August 24: Stokes flows and beyond

8:50-9:40 Inertial effects - chair: F. Feuillebois (IPPT auditorium)

                8:50-9:05 A. Ambari, Stokes paradox and force undergone by a sphere or cylinder in an unbounded power law fluid

                9:05-9:20 A. Mongruel, Near-wall hydrodynamic interactions between a settling sphere and a wall

                9:20-9:40 discussion

9:40-10:10 coffee

10:10-11:00 Texture and self-assembly - chair: C. Misbah

                10:10-10:25 O. Vinogradova, Superhydrophobic textures for micro- and nanofluidics

                10:25-10:40 A. Ciach, Mesoscopic theory for equilibrium properties of self-assembling particles in molecular solvents

                10:40-11:00 discussion

11:00-11:10 break

11:10-12:10 Challenges in microhydrodynamics

                 General discussion - chair: B. U. Felderhof, J. Hinch, H. Stark (IPPT auditorium)

12:10-12:40 announcing the contest winners and closing

12:40-13:50 lunch (MED)

13:50-20:30 sightseeing + informal dinner (meeting point: IPPT entrance hall)

21:00 piano recital (Witold Lutosławski Polish Radio Concert Studio, Woronicza Street 17)


Thursday, August 25: A satellite meeting

9:00-10:30 Young researchers ask B.U. Felderhof (IPPT auditorium)