Oral presentations

Gustavo Abade
Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil
Stationary sedimentation of non-Brownian suspensions: Stokesian dynamics simulations using Fast Hydro-Multipole Method
Abdelhak Ambari
ENSAM ParisTech, France
Stokes paradox and force undergone by a sphere or cylinder in an unbounded power law fluid
Jerzy Blawzdziewicz
Texas Tech University, U.S.A.
Buckling transition in wall-bounded hydrodynamic crystals
Alina Ciach
Institute of Physical Chemistry, PAN, Poland
Mesoscopic theory for equilibrium properties of self-assembling particles in molecular solvents
Bogdan Cichocki
University of Warsaw, Poland
Suspensions of arbitrary-shaped particles - Brownian contribution to intrinsic viscosity
Eric Climent
Institut de Mecanique des Fluides de Toulouse, France
Plugging by spherical microparticles
Haim Diamant
Tel Aviv University, Israel
Hydrodynamic interactions between confined particles
Michel Duits
University of Twente, The Netherlands
Anisotropic and hindered diffusion of colloidal particles in a closed cylinder
Maria L. Ekiel-Jezewska
IPPT PAN, Poland
Hydrodynamics of permeable particles suspensions
Dirk van den Ende
PCF group, University of Twente, Netherlands
Aging of soft colloidal suspensions studied by macro and micro rheology
Ubbo Felderhof
RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Pumping a ferrofluid
François Feuillebois
LIMSI - CNRS, France
Influence of wall slip in dilute suspensions
John Hinch
DAMTP, Cambridge University, UK
Fluctuations in the velocities of sedimenting particles
Sondes Khabthani
Polytechnic School of Tunisia, Tunisia
Motion of an ellipsoidal particle in a shear flow along a porous slab
Marta Krasowska
Ian Wark Research Institute, University of South Australia, Australia
Thin film drainage and surface forces between rigid and soft surfaces studied with (interferometry) AFM
Nicolas Lecoq
UMR 6634 CNRS, University of Rouen, France
Creeping motion of a particle along the axis of axisymmetric containers
Vladimir Lobaskin
University College Dublin, Ireland
Microparticle motion past a structured surface
Chaouqi Misbah
CNRS and Josef Fourier University Grenoble, France
Vesicles and red blood cells under flow in the Stokes regime
Anne Mongruel
PMMH and Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, France
Near-wall hydrodynamic interactions between a settling sphere and a wall
Franck Pigeonneau
Surface du Verre et Interface, UMR 125 CNRS/Saint-Gobain, France
Low-Reynolds-number gravity-driven migration and deformation of bubbles near a free surface
Mihail Popescu
Ian Wark Research Institute, UniSA, Australia
Catalytically Active Colloids as Particle Carriers
Osamu Sano
Tokyo Univ. Agri. Tech., Japan
Motion of Droplets under Shear Flow with Suction
Antoine Sellier
LadHyX, Ecole Polytechnique, France
Migration of a solid and arbitrarily-shaped particle near a plane slipping wall
Hassib Selmi
Polytechnic School of Tunisia, TUNISIA
Fast Multipole Method for complex flows
Holger Stark
TU Berlin, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Germany
Active particle systems under gravity and in Poiseuille flow
Piotr Szymczak
University of Warsaw, Poland
Hydrodynamic effects in proteins
Olga Vinogradova
A.N.Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, Russia
Superhydrophobic textures for micro- and nanofluidics
Eligiusz Wajnryb
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Poland
Many-body hydrodynamic interactions in a microchannel
Roland G. Winkler
Forschungszentrum Julich, Germany
Non-equilibrium dynamics of semiflexible polymers in solution
Ehud Yariv
Technion, Israel
Streaming-potential revisited





Anna Blim
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Poland
Simulation of statistical and kinetics characteristics of polymer melt using the cooperative motion algorithm.
Jan Guzowski
Institute of Physical Chemistry, Warsaw, Poland
Colloidal particles at fluid interfaces - effects of curvature on capillary interactions
Piotr Korczyk
Institute of Physical Chemistry, PAN, Warsaw , Poland
Formation of droplets in microfluidic T-junction at small capillary number
Maciej Lisicki
University of Warsaw, Poland
One-particle correlation function in evanescent wave dynamic light scattering
Anna Mylyk
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Poland
Dynamics of multi-particle systems falling gravitationally in a viscous fluid
Mark Ross-Lonergan
University College Dublin, Ireland
Microparticle dynamics near a regular nanopillar array
Agnieszka Slowicka
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Science, Poland
Dynamics of fibers in a wide microchannel
Ryszard Wojnar
IPPT PAN, Poland
Nonstationary flow of a Stokesian fluid through a porous medium and thermal effects
Krzysztof Zembrzycki
IPPT PAN, Poland
Analysis of wall effect on the process of diffusion of nanopartices in a microchannel